18 May 2011


Freaking hell it's happening again.
OK I had just visited the bank and nipped into a local store for a few things. I am at the baking section looking for chocolate chips for some baking I wanted to do that afternoon and someone walks up close by looking at the shelf as well.

Him: Hi.
Me: Hi (I turned to look at a youngish black man in a wooly jumper holding some leaflet from the bank)
Him: You look very pretty.
Me: Thanks (OK creepy and a bit weird to say to someone randomly)
Him: Do You live round here.
Me: Yes (Not thinking fully but wanted to keep answers short and not give out too many details)
Him: My name is John
Me: Hi (Not giving you my damn name freak)

At this point I am wandering why he is trying to chat me up and was going to tell him I have a boyfriend and to go away but by this point he moved from my field of vision. So I start looking round the store and I take a few steps to another aisle I stop to look at something and there he is pering round the corner at me a few steps behind me. I move a little faster and thought I lost him and stop turn and again he creeps round the corner following me. So that being that I thought fuck it get the hell out and somewhere where he can't follow me. So I head to the self service check outs as they are quicker as I pay to leave there he is looking like he is queing for another check out looking at the magazines on display. Thinking this is my chance I head out fast and luckily I don't live far so got into my apartment block quickly.

As I turn to make sure the door closed and locked there he is on the other side of the door looking in at me. The fucker followed me! I went straight to my apartment and looked out to see if he was still outside. Thankfully no and I doudt he came into the building as he doesnt know my apartment number and there are 50+ apartments in the building.

It's been a while since I was creeped out like that and stalked like that. What the hell was this guy after? How long had he been following me before I realised he was there? Bit pissed I only managed to get one thing out of the store now I am wandering if it will happen again when I next go in. I think I might look out my panic alarm again for next time.

Secret Virgin

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