18 May 2011


Freaking hell it's happening again.
OK I had just visited the bank and nipped into a local store for a few things. I am at the baking section looking for chocolate chips for some baking I wanted to do that afternoon and someone walks up close by looking at the shelf as well.

Him: Hi.
Me: Hi (I turned to look at a youngish black man in a wooly jumper holding some leaflet from the bank)
Him: You look very pretty.
Me: Thanks (OK creepy and a bit weird to say to someone randomly)
Him: Do You live round here.
Me: Yes (Not thinking fully but wanted to keep answers short and not give out too many details)
Him: My name is John
Me: Hi (Not giving you my damn name freak)

At this point I am wandering why he is trying to chat me up and was going to tell him I have a boyfriend and to go away but by this point he moved from my field of vision. So I start looking round the store and I take a few steps to another aisle I stop to look at something and there he is pering round the corner at me a few steps behind me. I move a little faster and thought I lost him and stop turn and again he creeps round the corner following me. So that being that I thought fuck it get the hell out and somewhere where he can't follow me. So I head to the self service check outs as they are quicker as I pay to leave there he is looking like he is queing for another check out looking at the magazines on display. Thinking this is my chance I head out fast and luckily I don't live far so got into my apartment block quickly.

As I turn to make sure the door closed and locked there he is on the other side of the door looking in at me. The fucker followed me! I went straight to my apartment and looked out to see if he was still outside. Thankfully no and I doudt he came into the building as he doesnt know my apartment number and there are 50+ apartments in the building.

It's been a while since I was creeped out like that and stalked like that. What the hell was this guy after? How long had he been following me before I realised he was there? Bit pissed I only managed to get one thing out of the store now I am wandering if it will happen again when I next go in. I think I might look out my panic alarm again for next time.

Secret Virgin

13 Apr 2011

The Reveal

Been a while but been somewhat busy with things.

I'm still seeing this guy I meet last month we are getting along well and enjoying each others company. Couple of weeks ago we celebrated his birthday by spending the day together and then had dinner in the evening. We ended up at his place and we sat down cuddling after spending the day on our feet on his sofa and one thing led to another and he ended up on top of me with his hand up my shirt dry humping and sucking on my nipples with the odd hand wandering down my pants.

Not that I didn't enjoy it apart from the hand down the pants as he didn't seem to know where the "button" was. It was very nice and did have a little orgasm in round 2. Anyway he started removing my top and this was starting to go a bit beyond where I was comfy with and stopped him and I thought that I needed to explain what was going on. I finally got it out that I was Virgin and not ready to proceed to that stage of the relationship. I was nervous about telling him as some men do freak out and you never hear from them again. His reply "WOW"

After that we ended up cuddling before going to dinner and he played with the boobs a bit more. I honestly thought I wouldn't hear from him again after that, I got back to my place and found an email from him thanking for a great day and hope I got to my place safe. Didn't hear anything from him again till a couple of days later when he invited me to his place so he can cook dinner.

So went to the dinner with the typical bottle of wine and we had a good chat over a nice meal and went for a walk along the Thames before heading back for a movie and more fumbling about on the sofa and playing with my boobs (he really likes the boobs especially the nipple) again didn't go too far apart from groping didn't so much orgasm that time but did walk to the tube station feeling a little wet in the panties.

But importantly he said he can wait and only go as far as I want to go. Which is good I can get myself sorted on birth control and he is away for 2 weeks so may not see him till beginning of next month after tonight. So we will see how it goes.

Secret Virgin

20 Mar 2011

Dinner and a movie success

So got back from date number 3 this morning.
And no it is not what you are thinking. We didn't go that far.

We finally got to see the movie I wanted to see and had dinner after wards, a reverse of the last date. So we finished dinner early and he asks me to come over to his place to check out his new apartment and TV along with his photos of holidays he took last year.

So we get to his place and I get the grand tour and view of an unmade bed (typical) and then settle down to watch a movie on his new TV, me being conscious of catching the last tube home made sure it wasn't an epic long movie. Movie ends and I check the time and have a little extra spare before having to catch the tube, so he showed me his holiday snaps, and we end up cuddling for a little while which was very nice. Next thing we know it's 1am and no tubes.


I have no money for a taxi to take me all the way out to where I lived. I notice he has a little glint in his eye and says I can crash at his place, which was pretty much my only option left at this time unless I was prepared to walk all night. I begin to wonder if this was a plan he has had for the past few hours and hoping to get his leg over.

But no he was a gent. He offered his bed for me and he would take the spare room bed, but I refused and took the spare bedroom instead. No funny business, no jumping on me late at night just showed me to my room and help sort the bed and curtains out and left me to it. Of course no PJ's so was left with panties and the t-shirt I was wearing, which isn't bad, I look good like that.

This morning we wake up and we share some orange juice watched some TV and then I decided it was time for me to leave thou he wanted me to stay for another movie. But sitting in unclean clothes and a desperate need to sort out hair and teeth as well as find some fresh clothes and a shower. So he walked to the tube station holding hands and was a little reluctant to let go of my hand, but we hugged and had a quick kiss and parted company.

All of that was very nice and we had fun. But one thing did worry me during the night. I found I had become "wet" as I changed for bed last night and got worst during the night. Yet didn't feel horny or have that tingly feeling when I am turned on, has never happened before and startled me at first and a very strange sensation while trying to sleep and finding I had lubed up without knowing it.

Then all I could think off was, 'need clean panties'. Or better yet, carry clean ones.

Secret Virgin

13 Mar 2011

Failed Movie Date

A very late blog post about 2nd date that happened a week ago.
Anyway after some chatting about what to do, we decided on the restaurant we were going to go to on the first date and then go and see a west end show. A show he has wanted to try and see for a while, which is fine I had no problem, so that was decided. Then when he tried to sort it out they didn't do a show on Monday night despite thinking they did so we went to back up of a movie. So I get times for the film we decided on seeing and we had plenty of time to get from the restaurant to the cinema down the road.

So far we have had 2 dates and his organizational skills seem to be almost non existent. Some of it a bit running round at the last minute. So far just been rolling my eyes.

He turns up a little late, which isn't a big deal. Had a really nice meal and half way threw he asks what time the movie is and I remind him, again we had plenty of time. After dinner we decide to have a drink at the bar before heading down the road. He then asks me again about cinema times, I tell him. He looks at his watch and informs me we have missed it.


I think we can safely say, time slips past him like a penguin ice skating. After all that planning we miss it. I was a little irritated as I really wanted to see this film.

But the evening wasn't a total bust we had another good long chat over more drinks before catching the last tube home. He very kindly walked me to my platform and saw me on the tube train before heading off to catch his service.

Just hugs, no kissing. We seem to be taking it slowly, which I guess is normal for online dating. Already gotten a hint he wants me to visit him in his new pad and bring a DVD with me. We are progressing at a steady pass so far. Minus the timing and lack of organizational skills that seem to dog us.

Now awaiting date 3. Hopefully we will get to see this movie next time.

Secret Virgin

7 Mar 2011

Friday Night Date Night

As from my previous entry I had a date Friday night. First time meeting a guy from an online dating site and for the most part went very well.

First off, he got the reservation wrong at the restaurant we were going to and got the text message about 4 hours before we meet saying he made a bit of a mistake (well that's a good start) and the back up restaurant was fully booked. Luckily he found a nice little place and still got a reservation for Friday night (phew).

So I make my way to the meeting point and we managed to recognize each other. Now I was going on what I read on eHarmony and was expecting what was on the profile of 5" 9'. No. He was just about my height which is 5"6'. I didn't say anything as it might of been a conversion problem as he isn't from the UK and only been living here for just over 2 months. So very true about online dating, never believe everything that is on the profile.

We then went to the restaurant and got some very nice seats and a lovely meal. He even ordered a bottle of champagne for the 2 of us and we talked the entire time, and laughed and shared various stories including how eHarmony was doing for us. He had done slightly better then me and had a 3 month relationship with a women on there when he was in the UK for a year on business and I ended up with the desperate, only on here for the free weekend deal kind of guys. And he of course is very good looking and someone I wouldn't of thought would be interested in me in a million years.

We had a lovely meal and shared a dessert and naturally finished the bottle of champagne, he then asked me to either go to a movie or a drink near by (after he picked up the bill). I didn't fancy a movie at that time of and luckily the places nearby were closed so went for a drink at a bar and attempted a conversation in a noisy place. We then walked around Soho for a little bit aiming for Oxford Street area. Strange thing, he spotted a kinky lingerie store in the backs of Soho and noted how nice the shop display was (roll eyes). Finally got back to the tube station and parted there.

It was a very nice evening and he didn't force himself on me, didn't touch in appropriately. We also didn't kiss either but got a nice hug as we parted and I left feeling happy. Then woke up with a champagne hang over.
Saturday evening he emails me asking for another date. So we are going out again tonight for dinner and a movie. Was initially a theater show, but again we got wrong and had to slump with a movie instead.

Not feeling that initial spark or excitement at this time between us. My guess is slow start for us both, will be seeing how this will pan out.

Secret Virgin

3 Mar 2011

Date Nerves

So this date is happening tomorrow night. He is booking the restaurant (we got it down to 2 choices eventually) so will be getting the time and where to meet later on tonight when he gets in from work.

Don't know how he is feeling but I'm nervous as hell. He is a very good looking guy from his pictures eHarmony and facebook and me.....well just blurgh! Typical questions are going threw my head, "what if he doesn't like me?" "See's me and runs", "Try not to say something stupid you silly cow becuase you know you will." 

Never found a good way to deal with first dates, pretty much all of mine are my worst fears coming to life right in front of me (and for good reasons very few get a date 2.) And tomorrow is going to be busy enough, got a hair appointment and then another appointment with a big computing company only a few hours before the date and that's not helping as I might turn up looking a bit frazzled after running round London all day getting to appointments.

And now I am blog blabbling. That's not a good sign. How do you deal with getting ready, and dealing with the nerves before a first date?

Secret Virgin

26 Feb 2011


After 3 months of wasted time and disappointment on my eHarmony experiment. It seems something may of come of it.

Last night a guy, asked me out to dinner next week and have started the process of setting a day, time and location. We originally met on eHarmony over Christmas and then we lost contact as he was moving and found each other again on facebook. I made the first move asking how his house moving went, then after a one message he asks me out to dinner "or something". One hurdle over come, now approaching the next one which could end in a good jump or crash and having an embarrassing fall.

Despite this, i am still not overly impressed by eHarmony. Right now they are being rather persistent with money, bit like one of my exs whom became rather dependent on me like a young child with there mother. A lot of money was spent and just ended up disappointed with guys sounding desperate, pathetic, uninteresting and down right depressing all supposedly ideally matched for me. I found it very unlikely, so eHarmony experiment bit of a disappointment.

Getting the diary out and starting to plan. Will let you know.

Secret Virgin
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