13 Apr 2011

The Reveal

Been a while but been somewhat busy with things.

I'm still seeing this guy I meet last month we are getting along well and enjoying each others company. Couple of weeks ago we celebrated his birthday by spending the day together and then had dinner in the evening. We ended up at his place and we sat down cuddling after spending the day on our feet on his sofa and one thing led to another and he ended up on top of me with his hand up my shirt dry humping and sucking on my nipples with the odd hand wandering down my pants.

Not that I didn't enjoy it apart from the hand down the pants as he didn't seem to know where the "button" was. It was very nice and did have a little orgasm in round 2. Anyway he started removing my top and this was starting to go a bit beyond where I was comfy with and stopped him and I thought that I needed to explain what was going on. I finally got it out that I was Virgin and not ready to proceed to that stage of the relationship. I was nervous about telling him as some men do freak out and you never hear from them again. His reply "WOW"

After that we ended up cuddling before going to dinner and he played with the boobs a bit more. I honestly thought I wouldn't hear from him again after that, I got back to my place and found an email from him thanking for a great day and hope I got to my place safe. Didn't hear anything from him again till a couple of days later when he invited me to his place so he can cook dinner.

So went to the dinner with the typical bottle of wine and we had a good chat over a nice meal and went for a walk along the Thames before heading back for a movie and more fumbling about on the sofa and playing with my boobs (he really likes the boobs especially the nipple) again didn't go too far apart from groping didn't so much orgasm that time but did walk to the tube station feeling a little wet in the panties.

But importantly he said he can wait and only go as far as I want to go. Which is good I can get myself sorted on birth control and he is away for 2 weeks so may not see him till beginning of next month after tonight. So we will see how it goes.

Secret Virgin

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flamencokitty said...

I'm not in a relationship with anyone, but I do wonder/worry about what will happen when I have to give the big "reveal," especially given that I'm 27 years old! I'm glad your boy is (so far) supportive. I hope I can find a man who is willing to wait.

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